Very often I make the joke: today I am no longer an artist. There are times when I do not get anything that I like and then I stop pressing myself and make these comments, now I am a pastry chef and I change my profession. These are things I do to protect myself. The state of temporary creative emptiness is part of the process of personal and artistic growth, which is linked to the fact of being a creative person.
The artist has to be in constant movement, and being an artist is already like that by nature. At least I, who always thirst for creativity.

I have heard that my works are expressive and sensitive. That makes me happy. In fact, this is my axis that moves me to create and draw. For this reason I am constantly involved in sensitive and real projects such as the story of “La mare” by Ana Taulé edited by El Cep i La Nansa. I like to tell the truth of things. The graphite line is one of my strengths, although I enjoy many different registers as well. The cutting in pencil and watercolor for the auction both in digital with the tablet and the procreate as in analog. My first editorial publications as an illustrator were in analog, which you can find on the web. “La muntanya rodona”, “Laia, la petita tionaire”, “Roger el petit geganter” and “Estel, la petita castellera”.

I have also participated in “the Torneria route” of Sant Pere de Torelló with a mural of about 7x2m that illustrates an old factory and village life now on the wall of the municipal swimming pool where the factory used to be.

I am a creative person and I like to get involved with the town and launch myself to discover new materials to learn, it is for this reason that I have also participated in the elaboration of the “capgrossos” of the town’s nursery and those of the main festival. I have worked with Numa with the completely handmade creation and realization of the “Diables de Roda de Ter” masks. I have also participated in the sideboard sector as a specialist teacher of “FP de Comerç” at the Barcelona Department and as an artist in shops with large-format artisan wall paintings.

Since I started working when I was 16 years old, I started teaching drawing classes and extracurricular art classes and it is something that I still do and that occupies a large part of my day to day. This has given me great ability to see and know how to educate in art, what the students ask for, and the importance of this education and its recognition in the classroom. Since 2019 I have been working with the public JM Xandri school-institute, with an artist project to the beautiful classroom, accompanying art to the classroom and to its students and also advising the teachers to teach this discipline and know how to evaluate it. As a result of this project, I have given new workshops for schools and their kindergarten and primary teachers, adapting them to each school in which I teach to give tools and changes of visions for a better art education.

In 2011 I began to study the master’s degree in “artteteràpia i psychosocial training” until 2014 at the Pompeu Fabra university associated with the Metafora school in Barcelona. I have worked art therapy with groups of young people, the elderly, in centers for minors and individuals in general. This training has given me ideas that I also include in my drawing and art classes.

Since 2016 I have been working at the Escola d’art de Torelló teaching drawing, techniques and art classes to ESO students. Besides, I also give there a weekly family art workshop for families with little ones between 1 and 3 years old.

Family workshops, techniques … sporadic in libraries, town halls and afa’s are part of my work.

Social platforms have given me a lot of visibility and this has made my work from illustrations of Instagram profiles and private commissions have increased.

You can find all this in the WORK space of this website.

With Covit19, the “famílias, Maria Gambús” brand project was born. A set of illustrations with the intention of making visible and normalizing all kinds of existing family structures in the world and in real life, far from stereotypes. This project has allowed the appearance of the web and a site in fairs and markets with illustrated t-shirts and prints.

The illustrated clothing brand “Famílias de Maria Gambús” is one of the reasons that I celebrate a lot for why right now you are reading me and have entered my website.

If you are curious, you can check my products in the SHOP space of this website.

For more information you can always contact me in the CONTACT space!

Thank you!

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